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Interpretation Pricing Blog

9 Factors Shaping Interpretation Cost – A Comprehensive Pricing Guide

In a world that’s more interconnected than ever, effective communication across languages is vital. Whether sealing a business deal, attending a medical consultation, or connecting with a diverse audience, interpretation services significantly break down language barriers.

Marketing translation fails banner
Translation and Localisation

6 Marketing Translation Fails That Cost Millions!

Ever wondered how brands can conquer the global market? Well, they aim to connect with diverse audiences worldwide, breaking through borders and cultures.
But do you know where the critical aspect of successful international marketing campaigns lies? It is in the accurate translation!
That’s where the magic happens!

Risk Consequences of AI translation banner
Translation and Localisation

Risks and Consequences of AI translation in 2023

AI translations can be advantageous in certain situations, but they also carry significant risks and consequences, which are crucial to consider. Businesses and individuals should always verify the accuracy of translations, protect their privacy, and contemplate the social and cultural impacts of relying on AI translations. Discover more with this blog!

How to localise marketing assets
Translation and Localisation

Why And How To Localise Your Marketing Assets

It is crucial to raise brand awareness, speak your customer’s language and provide tailored marketing campaigns to reach a larger audience globally. The best global marketing strategy begins with localisation, and this blog explains why and how localise your marketing assets for maximum impact.

Impact of translation and localization
Translation and Localisation

The Business Impact Of Translation And Localisation

Constraining your business to a single language hinders its growth irrespective of your company’s size and success, as it allows you to reach customers who speak a specific language. Implementing translation and localisation services increases brand loyalty, leverages market reach, and offers better global partnerships – all of which lead to exponential business growth.

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