Audiobook App Development

Looking to invest in a live streaming application? Echoinnovate IT is here to assist you with its skilled team of live streaming app developers. Our expertise lies in customized Audio Book App development similar to Audible, Hoopla, Blinkist, Google Play Books, and more. Connect with us today to collaborate with one of India’s top Audiobook app development companies. Hire dedicated developers now and bring your vision to life!

Why Should You Make An Audio Book App Like Audible?

Create an audiobook app like Audible for a range of benefits. Meet the rising demand for audio content, providing an immersive and convenient book experience. Reach a wide audience with a vast library of titles and features like offline listening and personalized recommendations. Collaborate with popular narrators and authors to enhance the app’s appeal. Establish your presence at the forefront of this thriving industry by developing an audiobook app like Audible.



The rise of audiobooks has revolutionized the entertainment industry. Movie stars now partner with platforms like Audible to narrate novels, captivating fans with their storytelling skills. This collaboration has bridged the gap between renowned authors and a diverse audience craving unique experiences. The combination of an admired narrator and a compelling story makes audiobooks instantly addictive.

E learning


Audiobook apps have also had a positive impact on e-learning. Students who find it difficult to learn from reading textbooks can now listen to them using these apps. This feature is particularly beneficial for online education, allowing students to study and review their course material through audiobooks.



The tourism industry is leveraging audiobook apps to great advantage. Travelers seeking information about their destinations can now listen to audiobooks specific to those locations. This innovative concept sparks curiosity among travelers and enhances their interest in various attractive spots worldwide.

Looking For Someone To Develop A High-Tech Audiobook App Like Audible?

How Does It Work?

Solutions cross traditional barriers and evolve with the requirements of the healthcare ecosystem by rethinking existing technologies. Unlock the magic of audiobooks with our mobile app development expertise.

Audiobook App Development How Does it work


Register and create a user profile


Audiobook store with a user library management system


A web platform from which users can access audiobook library


Download audiobook and podcasts for offline usage


Customize the look and design of the app


Search and filter through various choices of audiobooks


Search and filter through various choices of audiobooks


Customize volume and other aspects of sound with an equalizer


Contact customer support


Give Reviews and Ratings


Social integration for sharing audiobook with friends


Support for connecting audiobook apps to smart speakers

Top AudioBook Application Features

User Panel Features

Sign up/sign in
Background play audio podcasts
Audiobook Playback Control
Play/pause the audiobook
Save audiobook for listening later
Ratings & Review
audio app User Panel Features

Admin Panel Features

Manage subscriptions
Add/delete audiobooks
Manage advertisement
User Management
Enhanced access to Author and Book Info.
Content Management
Playback Speed Control
Returning Audiobook
Compatibility with Various Devices
audio app admin Panel Features

Looking For Audiobook App Development Service At Affortable Cost?

Leverage the booming Audio Book App Development with our white-label app development services. Hire our competitive audiobook app developers at Echoinnovate IT.

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Full Time
Hourly Time
Echoinnovate IT

Why choose Echoinnovate IT to build an Audiobook app like Audible?

Customer Satisfaction

We leverage the most up-to-date frameworks and technologies to provide you with user-friendly, scalable, secure, and innovative business solutions.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of professional top web developers. At Echoinnovate IT, hire app developers that have experience delivering high-end business solutions using a variety of frameworks and technologies.

Flexible Engagement Models

Rather than working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we allow our clients to choose from a variety of engagement and hiring models.

Agile Procedure

We use the agile methodology and conduct scrum events on a regular basis to improve our processes and procedures and give the best results.

Integrity & Transparency

We value your ideas and vision, provide you with every project detail on a frequent basis, and consider your valuable input as needed.

Cost-effective Solution

To ensure the lowest pricing in our segment, we offer an optimal blend of cost-effective rates and outstanding quality.

Any Questions?

How much does it cost to make an app like Audible?

The cost of app creation is highly dependent on the technology you choose, your developer’s hourly fee, and the number of features you want in your audiobook app. The cost may lie somewhere between $30,000-$100,000. Contact us to discuss further!

Does it take long to build an app for online audiobook listening?

If you opt to start with an MVP, your app may be ready for market in four to six months. It will have basic features, and you will be able to update it when user feedback and performance data become available.

What are the best features of the Audiobook app?

The best features of the Audiobook app include Stable, Reading speed controls, Support for car play or android auto, The choice between offline playback and streaming, Sleeper time, Free audiobooks, and Sync of the last reached location.

Which is the best audiobook app development?

Echoinnovate IT is a top audiobook app development company having over 12+ years of experience in app development. Our dedicated app developers follow a client-first approach to achieve extraordinary results. Contact us now.

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