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Since time immemorial, we have all heard the expression “health is wealth,”…

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Since time immemorial, we have all heard the expression “health is wealth,” but only a few of us have taken it seriously. Today, when keeping healthy has also become en vogue, a big portion of the public has begun to embrace healthy diets and exercise routines in order to stay in shape. Mobile apps have become a popular tool for individuals to complete any task, whether it be a household job, a trip, or even a healthy lifestyle. People now utilize a variety of health, nutrition, meditation, exercise, yoga, and weight loss app like Noom, as a result of the rising popularity of mobile app development services.

Not only have individuals developed a strong interest to develop diet and nutrition apps like Noom, but corporations have as well. Noom has long been the most popular software for achieving needed health and body objectives, thanks to its simple, user-friendly, and intuitive features and responsive user interface. Consequently, several businesses seeking appropriate opportunities in the diet and nutrition app industry see this market as attractive. They want to invest in the same industry and create an app like Noom to help users achieve their health goals.

What Is The Noom Diet And How Does It Work?

what is noom diet

Weight loss app development like Noom comprises psychologically-based programs and courses designed to encourage users to adopt healthy dietary choices in order to reduce weight. Instead of causing users to hunger, the app gives them information on what they should and should not eat.

The Noom app allows users to continually check their weight, examine what they eat, and connect with individuals who have similar weight reduction goals in order to get inspiration. It guarantees that app users adhere to the process of consuming healthy food by adhering to a nutritional philosophy that does not include tight diets or food avoidance.

Due to the science underpinning its method, it is able to do so while also supporting you in reducing weight. You must submit your personal details, your health metrics, your lifestyle, and if your profession needs you to be active or sedentary for the most of the day during the first download of the app. After completing this procedure, you will be assigned a health coach and provided dietary guidance.

Herein lies the significance of calorie density science. It is the number of calories in a certain quantity of food. Low-calorie or low-energy density foods may assist in weight reduction. Noom classifies meals into three groups based on the list of products you consume and the notion of calorie density: red, yellow, and green. In addition, the app encourages users to consume foods in the yellow and green categories.

What Makes Noom Successful?

What makes noom successful

Companies want to develop weight loss app like Noom since it is so successful with audiences. Its success is due to the fact that it incorporates easy weight reduction techniques and healthy activities that enable users of all ages to effortlessly lose weight. There are a number of topics related to healthy eating and weight reduction psychology, hunger types, metabolic science, self-care, and mental health.

The app is also connected to a network of experienced doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, and other health specialists so that users may get accurate advice on their health, meal planning, and caloric intake.

Users who use the Noom app lose an average of 18 pounds in 16 weeks, and 86 percent of noomers attain their optimum body weight within a year. It has also aided millions of people worldwide in achieving their health objectives and offers more than 1,000 interactive courses are available.

How To Make An App Like Noom?

There are many companies who develop weight loss app like Noom, and they all claim their app to be the best. Therefore, the primary need is science. You must choose between the standard kill your appetites to obtain results philosophy and Noom’s no foods are off-limits philosophy. It is then time to go to the next phase, which is outlining your application.

Business Model For Noom

The freemium business model for Noom is how the revenue gets generated. It does this by providing users with a free basic application that includes calorie tracking as well as the ability to record meals. Users who wish to track their activity and exercise are required to pay a fee to the company. It provides individuals with highly personalized plans for weight loss, healthy eating, and changes in lifestyle.

MVP Features Of The App

Good UI/UX

Make the User Experience enjoyable so people will return to your app. It should be divided down into basic displays with nice transitions. Use visuals and figures to communicate information instead of words to keep people engaged. You may experiment around with your app’s color pallet but pick peaceful, calming colors.

Health Analytics

People want all the tools they need in one location, not two different applications to lose weight and manage health data. To make an app like Noom, it is important to know that the user needs health graphs, objectives accomplished, bar graphs, progress bars, etc. to track his goals. Noom’s features are in-app purchases. Make these features free to one-up them.

Team of health experts

Weight loss app development like Noom needs a team of health professionals to help customers develop a diet that works for them and makes sure they stick to it. In your app, customers may communicate with their coach to discuss diet programmes. You can work with dieticians to improve your customers’ diet plans.

Motivate the users and give them in-app chat option

Motivate your users. When they stray off their diet or consume too much red food, you must gently bring them back to their diets and reverse the harm. Having an in-app chat function would enable users to speak with their health coach and dieticians. If they wish to adjust their diet, they may contact health professionals thereafter.

App Development

Here comes the most important phase of app development, in which a concept is transformed into a high-quality application. For this step, businesses want skilled professionals, to develop weight loss app like Noom, to build the code and include the essential functionality. The development phase might be divided into many iterations to accelerate the process. This section will determine the app’s future performance, usefulness, and speed. Back-end development encompasses databases, integration of APIs, logic, and other elements to make a functional application.

Cost To Develop Weight Loss App Like Noom

Now you have all relevant information on the weight loss app development. Therefore, it is time to discuss the cost to develop weight loss app like Noom. There are various factors to consider while gaining an understanding of app development expenses. The total cost mostly relies on the following variables; let’s examine them presently.

On the basis of the aforementioned variables, the projected cost to develop weight loss app like Noom with basic features and functions is between $15,000 and $30,000. If you want an accurate cost estimate, it is best to take into account the factors that might impact the total cost, so that you can devise a plan to manage your budget.

Wrapping Up…

What could be better than having a solution at your fingertips, especially for wellness? Noom is the most well-known app for fitness and weight management, having conquered the competitors and carved out its own niche.

After determining the company goals, the cost to develop weight loss app like Noom may be calculated. Consult our specialists for more precise information. Echoinnovate IT is the leading mobile app development company. Numerous milestones have been reached in the world of app development, particularly in the fitness niche. Our specialists can offer a well-crafted, unique fitness application similar to Noom.


Is it very costly to make an app like Noom?

If you want the ideal budget to make an app like Noom, you should talk with our specialists. For a precise costing template, you must outline your plan and company objectives; based on this information, our experts will develop a strategy with concise costing.

Do I have to hire my own developers to develop an app like Noom?

If you want the ideal budget to make an app like Noom, you should talk with our specialists. For a precise costing template, you must outline your plan and company objectives; based on this information, our experts will develop a strategy with concise costing.

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