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Realty Mogul

Realty Mogul empowers investors to build their real estate portfolios.

Team Realty Mogul believes that separating the wealthiest clients from the rest, and the goal of sharing these insights would soon lead to the founding of RealtyMogul.

Team Realty Mogul’s approach blends personalized service, proven business discipline, and data-driven insights. This allows Members to create their real estate portfolios – diversifying their holdings with investments in individual properties and REITs (“Real Estate Investment Trusts”)

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About us

For generations, real estate investment has been a lucrative source of wealth, but it has been largely limited to those with specialized knowledge, connections, and vast capital.

However, RealtyMogul is changing that by democratizing commercial real estate investing for everyone.

RealtyMogul provides equal opportunities to invest in real estate projects that were previously out of reach. The CEO, Jilliene Helman, founded the company with the goal of sharing three key insights that separate the wealthy from the rest.



Key Features

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Register / Login

Our platform allows users to create an account and securely log in to their investment dashboard. Registered users can view their investment portfolio, track their investments, and access exclusive investment deals.

Investment Dashboard

Our user-friendly investment dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all investment opportunities available on our platform. From the dashboard, users can monitor their investment performance, access investment documents, and communicate with the investment sponsors.

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Filter Investment Deals

Our platform enables users to filter investment deals based on various criteria. This allows users to easily identify investment opportunities that align with their investment objectives and risk tolerance. Additionally, our platform provides detailed information about each investment deal, including financial projections, market analysis, and sponsor background, helping users make informed investment decisions.

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