How To Create An App Like Netflix?

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These days, technological innovations have changed the lifestyle of people in a more sophisticated way. You can remember the days that you are arguing and fought with your family members to watch your favorite movie. Those are the fun, amusing, and enjoyable days with the argument. Thus, having an app like Netflix will have a lot of its benefits.

Today, online movie streaming services have changed watching a movie and helping you enjoy it uniquely. As with comfort, anyone can watch anything, anytime, from any device. Moreover, online streaming apps like Netflix are revolutionizing the market. Definitely, you got to know about the success story of Netflix and how it brings tremendous change to the viewers.

History and Success Story Of Netflix

Let’s begin to know about the success story of Netflix:

In the video streaming industry, Netflix is the leader. It started in 1997 as a DVD-by-mail company and has reached millions of paid subscribers. Furthermore, many households are making use of this service. Netflix launched a web page in 1998. The platform has moved from a pay per rental to a monthly subscription model using a wide range of viewers.

With tremendous improvement, Netflix introduced the streaming service in 2008. These days it has gained more popularity. Hence, today, Netflix is famous for its television classics, original shows, and movies.

The revenue has reached over a billion. And if you like to start a streaming service, let’s look at the business model of Netflix. Therefore, you can create an online streaming app with all the essential features and expand your company to the next level. Moreover, develop the business model to reach globally so that you can scale up quickly and steadily and increase your revenue.

Netflix value Proposition


Did you know how Netflix value stands at its best? Here are some essential elements you should know to create your own streaming app.


Netflix supports different platforms, devices, and operating systems. This approach maximizes the number of viewers and the fan base. More viewers are more interested in using this service. They can watch their favorite video content at any time via browsers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices like modern television.

Original content

Netflix broadcasts third-party publishers’ shows and exclusive programs frequently. Besides, it offers various in-house shows that are not available on other platforms.

No ads

Well, you know that displaying ads while watching the shows how irritating it is. Netflix displays ads only to free account users. At the same time, premium subscription members enjoy online streaming services without ads. This facility motivates many users to buy a subscription.

Recommendation algorithm

Netflix offers thousands of T.V. shows for streaming, and the algorithms gather relevant content and improve engagement with the platform.

The algorithm used in Netflix analyzed user data from different sources where the machine-learned about ranking, rating, searching similarity, and more. Netflix is designed to satisfy the needs of various groups of people.

Things to consider when developing a video streaming app like Netflix

Creating a streaming service app like Netflix is not an easy task. The app you develop should be highly engaging, interactive, and responsive is streaming. In order to create a well successful app, you need to follow some steps:


1. Find your Niche


First, it is important to determine your users and decide what content should include in the app. Know your users and stream your video for:

2. Decide on content availability and build your content


3. Choose the monetization model


The monetization model available for on-demand video services.

4. Determine the video streaming app requirement


If you want to stay ahead of the competitors, your video should perform well. Some characteristics you need to balance are:

Some ideas to find the viewers for Netflix like the app:

Must-Have Features Of A Streaming App

To create a successful app like Netflix, you need to include some essential features of a streaming app.

Login and Registration


When creating the app, make sure the users can easily access the feature. Allow users to log in and register your services in different ways: Phone number, email, messenger account, or social media.

Know your target audience and develop a method for logging and registering. Login functionality should include password restoration.

User profiles


When developing the app, you should include the user profile where it is more helpful to get user activity information such as recently viewed T.V. shows or episodes.

Add a setting to your app’s user profile to save space in your interface.



If you want to make your app more advanced, including the features such as add T.V. shows as the user’s favorite. Also, provide the option of ‘watch later feature.

Video player


Make sure that your app supports video players on any device. It is recommended to use the widely supported and standard file format.

Payment gateway


If you want to get more revenue from subscriptions, provide a fast, easy, and secure payment method. It is advisable to integrate the popular gateway so that your audience can reach you more conveniently.

Screenshot blocker

If you want to succeed in your business and protect your investment, only invest in licensed content. While your app is active, the screenshot blocker prevents users from recording their screens and making screenshots.



Allowing your audience to leave comments on each show or episode will help the users engage with your app. It helps you to know which content the viewers are interested in. Hence, you can increase the retention rate.

Push notification


Push notification feature will let your audience know about everything from new episodes to upcoming releases of the customer’s favorite shows. It increases the retention rate and makes the viewers spend more time on your online streaming app.

Search and filters


With the users applied parameters, it helps them to find their favorite show easily. It is best to implement the predictive search to stay ahead of the competition that suggests other interesting programs.



Settings help the users to personalize their experience but don’t include too many settings. This feature should control features like the language of audio streams, subtitles, and push notification.

Subscription logic


Depending on your business model, include your subscription logic. Provide a free trial that creates the viewer’s interest in accessing the content. Know your audience and provide the subscription options like a monthly or annual subscription.

Multilingual support


Every audience interest is different. And if you want to grab the international audience’s attention to your streaming service, support multiple languages. Make sure that your app supports system language and changes its own language accordingly.

Must-Have Features Of A Streaming App

Content suggestion logic

Add smart suggestion logic based on the user’s preference and viewing history. It will be more beneficial to engage the viewers. If you want to enhance your app, it is best to use agile technology. With great analytics, you can lead your app.

Offline functionality

Provide the functionality to download content to watch later. Thus, it allows the users to download when they are free and watch the video when there is no internet.


Some videos are restricted to a certain region. If you want your user experience smooth, then use the geo-blocking feature so that the trusted content will be easily accessible for all users.

Ratings and reviews

The best way that helps people decide to watch next is ratings. Besides, adding ratings and reviews for your streaming service will let the people leave feedback.

Social sharing

After you develop an app like Netflix, you will need to grab the attention of the audience. So, using social media platforms increases your user base. Also, it is the most effective way to attract new views to your platform.

Admin panel features


Creating separate accounts for administrators will effectively manage your service at a different level.

Content management

Manage the content on your online streaming service: upload new episodes, movies, shows, add cover description and images.


In order to ensure that your business is growing, it is advisable to include a dashboard with below information:

Comment management

Moderate comments ensure they comply with your platform’s policies.

User’s management

Manage the users and ban accounts that are violating your policies.

Push notification

Sending push notifications to the potential audience will help your service reach the most and keep the viewers engaged.

Things To Consider When Developing The App

Technologies Stack For Netflix Like Service

Libraries And Frameworks

Database And Cloud Service

How Much Cost Needed To Create A Streaming App?

The app development cost depends on several aspects:

Wrapping it up

Developing and designing an app like Netflix requires advanced technical skills. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it is best to use the correct architecture and make wise technical decisions.

If you are truly interested in creating a video streaming app like Netflix, it is best to use an efficient app development company. The expert developers use the right strategy and include all the essential features and functionalities. With the help of the best developers, launch your app. Have great success!

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