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Quick Summary The advent of vacation rental booking apps has simplified the…

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Quick Summary

The advent of vacation rental booking apps has simplified the process of planning and booking dream vacations for people. If you have heard about vacation rental booking apps and want to know the detailed steps to build one, this blog is for you. The blog discusses the best vacation rental booking apps, benefits, and challenges.

Renting out vacation rental properties rather than staying in a hotel has grown more popular among tourists looking for a more unique and customized vacation experience. Vacation rental property management may be challenging for people without prior experience.

Managing a vacation rental property has never been simpler than with the advent of smartphone applications. These applications provide hoteliers with resources to streamline operations, automate routine activities, and enhance guests’ stays. This article will discuss some of the most useful vacation rental apps and how they may benefit property owners and managers.

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What are Vacation Rental Apps?

what are vacation rental apps

Vacation rental apps are mobile applications that allow property owners to list their properties for rent. Users can find these vacation rental properties on these mobile apps, compare prices, and book for their vacation travels.

How To Develop A Vacation Rental App?

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These are the steps to build a vacation rental booking app:

1. Conduct Market Research

Research the market to identify current trends, demands, and competition.

2. Define Your Target Audience

You must decide on a target audience to decide the services and features of your vacation rental booking app.

3. Create A Detailed App Plan

After deep research, decide on your app’s features, design, and functionality.

4. Choose A Tech Stack

Choose the right technology stack for your vacation rental booking app, including programming languages, databases, and development framework

5. Design User Interface

Create a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, enabling users to quickly find and use the app features.

6. Develop The Backend

Use the technologies to build server-side functionality such as authentication, data storage, and payment processing.

7. Test

Conduct manual and automated tests to find bugs or errors in the app and make necessary changes or improvements.

8. Launch And Promote

Conduct manual and automated tests to find bugs or errors in the app and make necessary changes or improvements.

9. Monitor And Maintain

Monitor your application regularly, including its features, performance. Also, look for any software or security glitches for immediate changes.

10 Best Vacation Rental Apps To Book Your Next Holiday

best vacation rental app

1. Guesty

Guesty is one of the most comprehensive vacation rental apps for managing short-term holiday rentals. Property management software like this helps managers streamline their operations and save time by automating routine chores. Guesty’s features include a unified inbox, mobile management app, task management, reporting and analytics, secure payment processing, channel manager, multiple calendars, automation tools, and reporting and analytics.


In addition, guest communication services are always available to respond to questions and fulfill requests for aid. Guesty is compatible with various online travel agencies and other apps regarding short-term rental management. It has a mobile app that works on iOS and Android, and users can access a knowledge base, a forum, and email and chat assistance. Guesty is praised for its reasonable price, user-friendliness, functionality, and responsive customer service.

2. Hostaway

Hostaway is an online system that facilitates the management of short-term vacation rentals. Thanks to its wide range of channel connectors and support, it’s a one-stop shop for users’ marketing, sales, accounting, reporting, payment, and communication requirements. Many major booking platforms, including VRBO,, Airbnb, Homeaway, and Expedia, include Hostaway as one of their preferred and premium partners. Users may handle direct reservations using the platform’s booking engine, WordPress website, and sales and marketing tools.


The Hostaway mobile app provides a convenient method for supervisors to access the platform’s resources and interact with their teams without leaving the field. Hostaway’s marketplace includes over 100 linked software partners that, together with its PMS and channel management, can automate and simplify numerous everyday processes. Hostaway is well-known for its ability to provide customized answers while sticking to strict financial and time constraints. Its 9.2/10 recommendation rate is evidence of the public’s approval of the quality of its customer service.

3. Lodgify

Lodgify is software that helps vacation rental owners and managers create websites and take reservations online. The integrated features of this service allow for seamless reservation management and cross-channel property data synchronization. Whether in charge of a single vacation rental or a large portfolio, Lodgify can help you manage your online bookings and operations better.

Lodgify’s mobile app lets customers manage their vacation rental company from anywhere, and it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Support is available by live chat, email, phone, and a comprehensive knowledge base accessible around the clock.


The price, usability, and assistance offered by Lodgify have all been praised by satisfied customers. Lodgify is a popular option among vacation rental owners and property managers seeking an all-in-one solution to enhance their web presence and simplify company operations. The platform has a propensity to refer score of 8.52 out of 10.

4. iGMS

The iGMS program simplifies the management of holiday rentals for their owners. Users may access and control their profiles across Airbnb,, HomeAway, and Vrbo with a single login. Automatic guest notes and reviews, templates, team and task management tools, a sophisticated channel manager, financial reporting, payment processing, and more are some of the capabilities in iGMS’s mobile app.


Users may test out iGMS without committing by signing up for a free 14-day trial. Both iOS and Android users may download the mobile app. You may contact an agent by email, a dedicated hotline, a forum, and a frequently asked questions database round the clock. Users have given iGMS rave evaluations, praising its affordability, use, robustness, and responsiveness. Users have also reported being very likely to refer to iGMS to friends and colleagues.

5. Futurestay

Property owners may streamline their operations with Futurestay, a cloud-based rental management service. Features like online booking, inventory management, and visitor tracking are useful.


Property managers may use Futurestay’s website builder to create customized websites in various colors, layouts, and designs. The system’s guest management capabilities make tracking guests’ contact info, payment information, and other relevant data easier. Administrators may streamline guest interactions, manage web listings across channels, and automate the reservation process using the solution’s Autopilot function.

The Futurestay dashboard is a one-stop shop for seeing reservations, guest profiles, promotional offers, and other relevant data. HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB, and Wimdu are just some listing channels that can be synchronized with the calendar management tool.

6. Streamline

For those that manage holiday rentals, there’s Streamline. It has several useful functions, including a point-of-sale system, vendor payables, and connection with several distribution channels and email marketing platforms. This program is built with flexibility, with modules and mobile applications tailored to the unique needs of property owners, housekeeping/maintenance staff, and visitors.


The Stream Share technology allows hotel managers to enhance bookings and income by pooling available rooms. More visitors may be attracted, and the property can get more publicity by being featured on more channels. The intuitive software streamlines the property management process so that managers may focus where it belongs: on the satisfaction of their visitors.

7. MyVR

MyVR is an all-inclusive vacation rental app with a centralized dashboard to help property managers increase earnings. MyVR integrates with over 70 popular vacation rental apps, including Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Expedia, and TripAdvisor, streamlining marketing efforts. With everything in sync, including pricing, availability, bookings, messages, images, descriptions, and more, property managers may offer their property on as many channels as they choose. MyVR also includes a website builder that is entirely visual and can be used by property managers without prior coding knowledge.

Moreover, many triggers and filters may be applied to automated messages in MyVR’s centralized inbox to better manage guest interactions, queries, and duties. The program may also help property managers assign tasks such as cleaning and maintenance to the appropriate staff members.


MyVR works well for sole proprietors, startups, SMBs, and even multinational corporations. Web, Android, and iOS devices are all supported, and users may choose from various available assistance channels (FAQ/forum, knowledge base, email/help desk, chat, and phone support, to name a few). The program comes with live online training, webinars, videos, documentation, and an API library that allows for interaction with other applications. With MyVR, hoteliers cannot choose between satisfying customers and increasing income.

8. Vacation Rental Desk

The cloud-based services provided by Vacation Rental Desk enable owners to handle reservations, payments, and marketing channels. The answer works for every kind of short-term rental, from beach homes to condominiums to cottages to villas.

Vacation Rental Desk

The calendar on Vacation Rental Desk allows guests to browse prices, learn about required minimum stays, and plan their trips accordingly. The calendar is compatible with most vacation rental management tools. Guests who book with Vacation Rental Desk can get automatic email notifications from the platform’s built-in reservation management tool. Customers may see details regarding their confirmed reservations, upcoming payment due dates, and rental agreements.

Vacation Rental Desk’s entrance door lock function issues temporary access codes to visitors that are invalidated after the guest checks out. Some Wi-Fi-enabled models allow you to lock and open your door from a distance. You may call in for help if you need it.

9. Escapia

Regarding holiday rentals, Escapia is the all-inclusive software that gives property managers cutting-edge tools to succeed. Trust accounting, rates administration, guest communications, reservation calendar, distribution, cleaning, and an owner portal are just some of the capabilities that Escapia provides, all of which are supported by data from Expedia Group. This unified platform streamlines operations, letting staff concentrate on delighting guests and boosting profits.

Escapia’s trustworthy business recommendations back up its powerful features. Automating routine tasks, improving lines of communication, and increasing income are just some of how Escapia assists property managers.


Escapia is one of the most popular and reliable vacation rental apps that helps owners and managers streamline their operations, delight their clientele, and increase their bottom line. No matter the size of your property portfolio, Escapia can help you streamline your operations.

10. LiveRez

LiveRez is one of the best software management systems for managing vacation rentals. LiveRez may replace your current accounting, booking, customer relationship management, and operations software. It is a one-stop shop for the vacation rental business, providing direct links to top OTAs like VRBO and Airbnb.


LiveRez has built-in direct links to Airbnb, VRBO, Google Vacations, and HomeToGo, and it also integrates with a wide range of payment processing and travel insurance companies, dynamic nightly pricing organizations, smart home automation suppliers, and other listing sites.

How To Choose The Right Technology Stack For A Vacation Rental App?

tech stack for vacation rental app

You can consider the following factors when choosing the right tech stack to build a vacation rental app.

1. Scalability

You can consider the following factors when choosing the right tech stack to build a vacation rental app.

2. Performance

Choose technologies that can handle large amounts of data and user traffic and offer high performance.

3. Cost

Consider the cost of development and maintenance, hardware, software, and development resources.

2. Performance

Choose technologies that can handle large amounts of data and user traffic and offer high performance.

4. Integration with Other Services

Opt for technologies that can easily integrate with other third-party services and APIs.


There are a variety of vacation rental apps on the market today, each with its features and advantages for owners and managers. The best software for your company will depend on its unique requirements, resources, and objectives.

Whatever program you choose, you must choose one that supports your company’s growth and success. Managers of vacation rentals may improve their productivity, serve their guests better, and save time with the help of the correct software.

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How Do Vacation Rental Apps Benefit Managers And Owners Of Property?

Software designed specifically for the vacation rental industry may help owners and managers save time and effort by automating routine chores, fostering better guest relationships, and attracting more reservations. It’s an all-in-one solution for managing your vacation rental’s marketing, maintenance, and finances.

What Are Some Of The Most Important Features Of Vacation Rental Apps?

Channel management, online booking, payment processing, guest communication tools, automated messaging, a website builder, housekeeping and maintenance management, and revenue management tools are vital when selecting vacation rental software. Ensure the product works with your current infrastructure, including other applications and significant listing sites.

What Criteria Should I Use To Choose The Best Vacation Rental Software?

You should consider your company’s objectives, demands, and budget before settling on a vacation rental management system. It’s important to choose software that works well with the other programs you’re currently using and provides the functionality you need to operate your company smoothly. Do your research and compare software by reading reviews and looking at prices and features.

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