A Complete Guide to Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

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If you’re organising a meeting or conference, then you know that effective communication is key. But what do you do when you have participants who are spread out all over the globe? When they speak multiple languages?

Remote simultaneous interpretation is a great way to ensure that everyone can participate in the conversation, regardless of location. In this post, we’ll look at remote simultaneous interpretation, its benefits, and some tips for making it as effective as possible.

What Is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)?

Remote interpretation services have become increasingly popular in recent years as they provide a convenient and cost-effective way to communicate with people who speak different languages. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is a type of remote interpretation that allows interpreters to provide real-time interpretation from a remote location. This means that they can interpret multiple languages providing accurate and precise interpretation for various clients. Interpreting remotely is ideal for companies or organisations that need to communicate with clients or employees who speak different languages, as it ensures that everyone can understand the conversation.

The Benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services have revolutionised the way businesses communicate. Many benefits come with using simultaneous interpretation remotely.

Global communication

The ability to communicate with people who speak different languages has become more important than ever as businesses become increasingly global. With remote video interpretation, you can connect with clients and employees worldwide, no matter what language they speak at the same time.

Makes meetings and conferences inclusive

Remote video interpretation is a great option for meetings and conferences, as it allows everyone to participate in the conversation. Whether you need interpretation for face-to-face meetings or video conferences, remote interpretation or video interpretation makes communication easier and more inclusive.


As remote simultaneous interpreters are located remotely, you don’t need to provide a separate location for them. This saves time and money and allows you more flexibility in scheduling the interpreting session.


Using traditional interpretation services can be costly! It involves spending on equipment (like consoles, headsets, microphones, lamps per interpreter inside the booth and a PA system with loudspeakers and microphones for the chairperson, the speakers/delegates and receivers outside the booth) and for travel and accommodation for the interpreters. None of this is required for remote interpretation.


When you work with reputed interpretation services,  you can be sure you’ll get accurate and high-quality interpretation. This ensures that your communication is clear, so everyone involved can understand the conversation without any issues.

Difference between Remote Simultaneous Interpretation and Traditional Simultaneous Interpretation

Traditional Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) involves an interpreter who sits in the same room as the conversation. When the conversation starts, the interpreter translates the conversation into another language in real-time, allowing everyone to take part in the discussion regardless of their language.

This involves a lot of logistics like finding the right interpreter, scheduling a location and setting up the equipment required for the interpretation session.

Remote simultaneous interpretation employs remote interpreters who interpret from different locations in real-time. This means that they use specialised equipment to listen to and interpret what is being said by each participant and relay this information accurately to all others involved, regardless of what language they speak. In live translation, the interpreters can keep up with fast-paced conversations and provide a high-quality interpretation that is seamless, accurate, and precise.

The hoard of logistics required for traditional simultaneous interpretation is unnecessary for remote interpretation, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses. All you need is a remote video interpretation platform. Today many online meeting platforms offer many options like zoom simultaneous interpretation, making it easy to access and use this valuable communication tool. So, all you need to do is find excellent interpreters to do the interpretation.

Remote interpretation is the ideal solution for companies or organisations that need to communicate effectively with clients or employees who speak a variety of different languages.

Two Types of Remote Interpretation Services

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) uses video conferencing technology to provide interpretation through a live video feed from an interpreter. This is a good option for situations where participants may not attend the meeting in person, such as conferences held overseas or with people in remote locations. To choose the best Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Platform based on your requirements and the offered features, read this blog by American Translators Association. 

Over-the-phone Interpretation (OPI) uses telephone technology to provide an interpretation of the conversation. This is a good option for participants in different countries or distant locations or where a low-cost, high-volume interpretation solution is required.

Depending on your organisation’s needs, you may want to consider using one or both of these types of remote interpretation services. Both offer high-quality communication and are a convenient, cost-effective option for businesses looking to communicate effectively in various languages.

Setting Up a Remote Interpretation System

Step 1: Analyse the requirements

Asking these basic questions will help you identify and outline your requirements. Once you have a clear idea of your needs, finding the right system for your situation will be easier.

Step 2: Find your interpreters

The quality of the interpretation you will receive depends on the quality of your interpreters. You must source high-quality interpreters who can do the job well. You can find interpreters through websites, professional associations, or recommendations from other businesses or professionals.

At Translate by Humans, we provide professional interpreters for many remote interpretation needs. Our team has native-level professional translators in 180+ languages. We find interpreters who are native speakers of the relevant target language and have higher education and experience within the industry. You will be provided with a dedicated project manager who will work closely with you to meet your needs. Our services are GDPR and HIPAA Compliant, so your data is secure and protected.

Step 3: Set up your interpretation platform

After you have selected your interpreters, the next step is to set up and configure an interpretation platform that can connect all the participants in real-time. There are several options available, including virtual meeting platforms like Zoom (note: Zoom interpretation is only available in Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account) or Skype, audio conferencing platforms like Dialpad, or video conferencing and webinar platforms like GoToMeeting.

Compare your requirements with the features of each platform to find one that will meet your needs. For example, if you need a high-quality audio and video connection, opt for a video conferencing platform, whereas if you need a low-cost solution for large-scale meetings or events, opt for a teleconferencing or audio conferencing platform.

Tips for Using Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Effectively

1. Schedule in advance: It is important to plan in advance, as interpreters need time to prepare for the interpretation and familiarise themselves with all the relevant terminology and subject.

2. Provide clear instructions: To ensure that participants can follow along with the conversation, it is important to provide clear instructions to both the interpreters and the participants.

3. Don’t rush: One of the key challenges is maintaining a natural flow and pace of conversation, so it is essential to avoid disrupting this by rushing through your presentation or using filler words like “um” and “uh”.

4. Keep your discussion relevant: When using remote interpretation, it’s easy to get carried away with the discussion and lose focus on the main subject. To maintain quality and ensure that everyone understands everything that is being discussed, keep your discussions focused and relevant.

5. Work with interpretation service providers that protect your data: While it may be tempting to use free online tools for your video interpretation needs, ensure that you select a service provider who is GDPR and HIPAA Compliant. This will ensure that any data shared via the platform is protected.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is an essential tool in today’s interconnected world. It allows businesses to communicate with a multilingual audience instantaneously. By using remote interpretation services, you can remove language barriers and make sure that your message is communicated clearly to everyone involved. If you are looking to implement Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for your upcoming event, reach out to Translate By Humans to know how we can offer tailored solutions for you and avail a free quote

We have a team of highly experienced interpreters who can help you bridge the communication gap between you and your international business partners, employees and customers. Contact us today to learn more about our remote interpretation services.

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Aiswarya Menon

Aiswarya Menon is a Content Writer at Translate By Humans. Driven by a passion to make an impact through her words, she takes pride in coming up with creative ideas to engage the reader. When she is not reading, writing or ideating, Aiswarya enjoys going on long drives or to the beach, watching old sitcoms all over again, and fantasizing about her next solo trip.
Aiswarya Menon

Aiswarya Menon

Aiswarya Menon is a Content Writer at Translate By Humans. Driven by a passion to make an impact through her words, she takes pride in coming up with creative ideas to engage the reader. When she is not reading, writing or ideating, Aiswarya enjoys going on long drives or to the beach, watching old sitcoms all over again, and fantasizing about her next solo trip.
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